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reviewed Trader Joe's. March 23, 2011
posted in ENN Community
Trader Joe's
Let me just start by apologizing to all devout-Trader Joe's shoppers. I know, I've been there.      In fact, I started shopping there more than 20 years. Very friendly employees, …
reviewed Trader Joe's. February 25, 2011
posted in ENN Community
Trader Joe's
A great choice if you want food without a lot of crap in it but don't want to pay crazy prices. Also, great selection of fairly priced wines. Love the honey moon, velvet moon...any of the moons!
reviewed Food, Inc.. February 04, 2011
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Food, Inc.
   I tend to avoid constant streams of news because the flow of bad and dark overwhelms me and makes me feel hopeless. I can't watch the endless commentary on why people do some of the hideous …
reviewed Oskri Bars. September 10, 2010
Oskri Bars
I am a huge fan of the Lara Bar... but I am an even bigger fan of variety:) I found these by accident and fell in love! The coconut mango bar is a must try! But I also love their sesame bars, cashew …
reviewed Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose GF Baking .... August 29, 2010
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose GF Baking Flour
Bob's Mill has a plethora of gluten-free baking products. To accomodate Dr. Carol Fenster's sorghum blend, I prefer to mix up Bob's Mill's sorghum and tapioca flours (to go with corn starch). …
reviewed Glutino Pretzels. August 29, 2010
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Glutino Pretzels
Glutino has a whole line of gluten-free products, but I'm especially partial to their gluten-free pretzels. While we know that gluten-free living will cost a bit more, my pre-gluten free memory has …
reviewed Popcorn. August 29, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Sometimes reviews are not just about communicating one's opinion to whomever will read it.  Sometimes it's about giving back and sharing something learned. This isn’t just a good …
reviewed Trader Joe's. August 05, 2010
Trader Joe's
   I don't have a Trader Joe's near me, and that is the only reason I don't give them 5 stars. It would be nice if they had an online store too.      Otherwise, …
reviewed Eco-Planet Instant Hot Cereal. May 26, 2010
Eco-Planet Instant Hot Cereal
I grew up opening those little packets of Quaker Instant Oatmeal — I can remember the smell and taste of the Maple & Brown Sugar flavor and how all the sugary stuff came out at the end. Since …
reviewed Tonto Bar & Grill. April 20, 2010
Tonto Bar & Grill
I recently was in Scottsdale, Arizona and my friends took me out to dinner at the Tonto Bar and Grill in Cave Creek.   The menu is fantastic (online viewing) and they are serious about their …
reviewed Sorrento's. April 14, 2010
posted in Pizza Therapy
Sorrento's in the North Beach district of San Francisco was my childhood dream pizza.          I'll never forget their perfect fusion of cheese and sauce to crust.   …
reviewed Daiya. April 06, 2010
Many gluten intolerant people are also sensitive to dairy and soy, and finding a cheese alternative can be challenging! There is a new dairy-free soy-free cheese called Daiya that is just hitting shelves. …
reviewed French Bread & Pizza Mix, Wheat Free,.... March 25, 2010
French Bread & Pizza Mix, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, 22 oz.
I bought this bread mix several months ago but never bothered to make it. I guess I was looking for a quick and easy mix and the directions seemed too involved for the time I felt I had. This week I had …
reviewed Betty Crocker GF Cake Mix. March 23, 2010
Betty Crocker GF Cake Mix
Instant cake mix with only six primary ingredients? Yup... and it tastes good!      Betty Crocker brought out this new cake mix in December last year.. just in time for Christmas... …
reviewed Glutino Pretzels. March 22, 2010
Glutino Pretzels
I tried both types of pretzels (From Meijer's).  My personal preference is the sesame coated mini pretzel as I like salt and savory.  The sticks were okay but seemed to have a waxy coating that …
reviewed Conte's Gluten-Free Cheese Ravioli. March 19, 2010
Conte's Gluten-Free Cheese Ravioli
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mike Conte, the man behind Conte's Pasta Company. He really has a dedication to making great-tasting gluten-free products so that everyone can enjoy his family's …
reviewed Briquettes Smokehouse. March 13, 2010
Briquettes Smokehouse
Briquettes Smokehouse, Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio — the best barbecue you can find, and much of the food is gluten-free.  Just ask for gluten-free and they’ll take good care of you.  …
reviewed Better Batter Gluten-Free Flour. March 12, 2010
Better Batter Gluten-Free Flour
I am so excited about this! Back in December I received a complimentary sample of Better Batter Gluten Free Flour to review on my blog. It arrived on Christmas Eve, just in time to make cinnamon rolls …
reviewed Dagoba Lavender & Blueberry Chocolate.... March 12, 2010
Dagoba Lavender & Blueberry Chocolate Bar
I have tried many of the Dagoba chocolate bars in the past, but not the exotic Lavender Blueberry.  To be completely honest, I had never tasted lavender before.  Or, I had and was not aware …
reviewed Attune Chocolate Wellness Bars. March 11, 2010
Attune Chocolate Wellness Bars
When I heard about Attune Foods & their Chocolate Wellness Bar, I was intrigued. I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate, so these are right up my alley. I received 3 complimentary samples …
reviewed Pamela's Coffee Cake. March 11, 2010
Pamela's Coffee Cake
Here is my experience with this coffee cake....   I am GF, I have a husband and a mother and father who are not. I had my folks over for dinner a few weeks ago and served PAMELA'S coffee cake …
reviewed Trader Joe's Gluten-Free Dairy-Free E.... March 11, 2010
Trader Joe's English muffins
   I just bought Trader Joe's gluten- and dairy-free English muffins, and am so happy with them. I like them better than Kinnikinnick. They are similar to Glutino English muffins, but are …
reviewed The Sensitive Baker. March 10, 2010
The Sensitive Baker
Who would have known that if you take all the typical ingredients in bakery goods you could still end up with amazing deserts/ For all of you who have sensitivity to certain foods like: gluten, eggs …
reviewed Food, Inc.. March 09, 2010
posted in Green Living
Food, Inc.
This movie has really changed the way I think about food. I've been a vegetarian for a while, but I never really thought about where my food comes from, and more importantly, what's in my food.   …
reviewed Whole Foods Market. March 08, 2010
posted in Vegan Living
Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas
   I like Whole Foods. I know it is easy to hate them for their prices and gigantic presences. I can't afford to shop there often but I know that Whole Foods moving into our part of the country …
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